a forum for people who suffer from Meniere's disease & similiar disorders
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 Here's how it goes

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PostSubject: Here's how it goes   Thu May 23, 2013 11:30 am

Be sure to see your pcp if you suspect Meniere's or vertigo. He will probably refer you to a nuerologist-to rule out possible causes. If nothing comes of that then he will most likely send you to an ENT for further testing.
Do not go by what we say or the symptoms. You can get a general idea to tell your doctor but it's up to him/her to make the diagnosis. Treatments vary. Some work for some,not for others.Some are helpful but no cure. I do know they can recommend ear surgery but i have never heard of anyone who had it done and there are risks involved. Again,talk this over w/ your pcp.
I just want you to have hope if you have been through the mill by this time. It took me several years and finally one medical assistant in for the doctor caught it.Some doctors overlook it-a fresh set of eyes might catch it for you. No,you are NOT crazy. Hang in there.
I just want everyone to be sure it's not a more serious problem.Meniere's is disturbing,difficult to live with but other than falling it's not life threatening. I would hate to have anyone assume this is what's wrong and have a life threatening problem.
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Here's how it goes
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