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PostSubject: Treatments   Thu May 23, 2013 3:12 pm

it is recommended for vertigo:

Do not lie flat on your back. Prop yourself up slightly to relieve the spinning sensation.
Move slowly to avoid the risk of falling.
Source: WebMd

Meclizine (Antivert®) is a prescription medication used to treat vertigo.If you also have nausea or vomiting associated with your meniere's/vertigo the doctor may prescribe a medication for those symptoms. I have anxiety/panic attacks SOMETIMES that follow an attack of vertigo especially or the other symptoms. i take a 2nd medication for those attacks. This works better for me than the meclizine which doesn't do as much good as i would hope. Now other people have good results from meclizine. Go with treatments that are best for you. I'm not saying the meclizine does not work at all. It helps and let's be honest. A little help is better than none.
Again,check w/ your pcp and see what he recommends. Now most doctors will poo poo this but a number of folks i have run into- include myself in the group-swear up and down that weather affects symptoms.
We've had some rapid weather changes here and i've been off to the local er twice so far. The symptoms went off the charts,especially the vertigo. Maybe and this is just a maybe i've considered perhaps it has something to do with Barometric or Atmospheric pressure?
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